Barre Workout 3.2

Recorded 03/21/2020

with Jennifer Makowsky

Strength, endurance, cardio, body sculpting, weight loss, and flexibility; you get it ALL with Barre fitness. Though this intense workout is derived from dance & Pilates, you do not need previous experience with either of these fitness modes to participate successfully in a Barre class. Ignite your metabolism and sculpt a lean, strong, dancer's physique. We dare you not to shake!

In this class we use the OPTP Pro Fitness Mat (70" x 23" x 0.5")

Mini Stability Ball

You can use a counter top or chair back but if you'd like to purchase a portable barre we recommend:

Barre Workout 3.2

$2.99 / 3 days
$15.99 / month

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